Paving the Way for Inspired Careers in Retail Excellence

Like most successful business today, Madina Cash & Carry rose from humble beginnings. The founder identified one of the biggest flaws of onsite shopping in Pakistan and proposed the perfect solution to the problem. Understanding the different socioeconomic indicators and the sitting opportunity for a reliable retail setup, the founder Mr. Mahmood Ahmed decided to incorporate a retail establishment that has answers to all grocery problems in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
The solution was a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise, the lowest possible prices, guaranteed satisfaction; friendly, knowledgeable service, convenient hours and a pleasant shopping experience. These became the very foundations of MCC as one of the most organized retail superstores came into existence.

MCC houses some of the largest variety of international products in their stores. All our products are carefully selected from reliable brands, quality checked and vetted by company ambassadors to ensure only authentic products are put on shelves. Moreover, product catalogue and product prices are updated on each stock, so customers always buy fresh products in their original price. This has helped us remain the ideal grocery shopping point for genuine in- ternational products in their true prices. We also order certain international brand products requested by customers.