A Leading Retailer Chain Of Groceries and General Merchandise


Best Prices in Town

MCC has always acted in the best interests of our customers. Through our massive operations, robust logistics, and strong purchasing power, we always manage to break the best price for the customer.


A Warehouse Next Door

Being strategically located across the twin cities, MCC uses computerized merchandise management systems for procuring, and storing huge quantities of goods so nothing gets missed from the shopping list.


Enticing Offers on Products

As a progressive retailer brand, MCC gives customers numerous incentives, discounts, and promotional offers on store products every month. This helps engender a strong relation based on credibility, and goodwill.

A Brand Built From Trust And Vision

The story begins when MCC’s founder, Mr. Chaudary Mahmood Sangranh migrated to Tehsil Shakar Garh, Sangranh back in 1996. Realizing the imperative of supplying affordable and high quality rice to the consumer, Mr. Ch. Mahmood started the Madina Rice store under 100 sq ft area in G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company Islamabad, which still exists today.

After years of hard work and sheer commitment, Mr. Mahmood Ahmed along with his four brothers Chaudary Ali Shan, Chaudary Hafiz Noor ul Haq enacted the idea of a large scale organized retail hub that offers affordability, variety, and value to the local consumer. Only a few months after its wake, Madina Cash & Carry was materialized in 2010 in G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company.

What started small, with a single rice store and the simple idea of selling more for less, now ranks as one of the biggest network of hypermarkets in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2010, MCC has grown into the largest grocery and general merchandize retailers in the county. MCC continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. It’s all part of MCC’s unwavering commitment to create opportunities and bring value to customers and communities in Pakistan.

As a specialized retail chain, MCC aims to grow through innovation and cuttingedge technology. From our product inventory database, to the shelf assortment in our stores, we want you to have a seamless shopping experience that saves your valuable time and money.

Having one of the biggest network of suppliers in Pakistan, MCC’s distribution process efficiently provides general merchandise, dry groceries, perishable groceries, along with other specialty categories to our consumers daily.


Unrivaled Supply Process

MCC houses thousands of top class products across a multitude of categories. These include general groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy, frozen & bakery products, fish & meat, confectionery, detergents & cleaning supplies, health & beauty products, media & electronics, household goods and apparel  all under one roof, and at transparent, low wholesale prices.

Our supply model is designed to help families save money and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. Using our great size and scale, we ensure all perishable products are sourced on short intervals so customers get access to fresh goods and still pay less for it.

Keeping such as extensive category of goods helps us improve our customers’ offerings, while providing them with a reliable supply source. To keep a smooth supply flow, MCC actively analyzes local requirements, learning about customer needs and wants, and then sourcing then accordingly to bring the best value. A large percentage of the goods are sourced locally while some products are specially procured to meet the specific demands of the area.


"We Buy In Bulk And Share The
Margin With Our Customer"

Pricing has always been among the key elements of MCC’s retail strategy. Today’s customer seeksthe ultimate convenience of one-stop shopping that delivers a seamless experience in the lowest price point.

From grocery and entertainment, to sporting goods and crafts, we provide the deepest assortment of merchandize in the most competitive pricing that no other superstore, mart, or hyperstore can dare to contest. Ours is a dynamic, segmented approach to itelevel pricing so each product can be optimized across multiple sale objectives.

Offering a diverse array of products ranging from groceries and entertainment to sporting goods and crafts, our establishment boasts an unparalleled selection of merchandise, unrivaled in competitive pricing. Unlike any other superstore, mart, or hyperstore, we take pride in providing a dynamic and segmented pricing approach at every level. This strategic pricing methodology ensures that each product is meticulously optimized to meet various sales objectives, setting us apart as a leader in the retail landscape.

Logistical Excellence

MCC’s Directors have always made profound decisions that have benefited the company and pushed us further towards our ultimate goals. They are the pillars of the organization. The major part of the supply chain process determines demand planning, forecasting, and inventory management. Once we have accurate forecasts of the supply, the inventory, warehousing, and distribution starts to function with the flow of information.

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