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MCC houses some of the largest variety of international products in their stores. All our products are carefully selected from reliable brands, quality checked and vetted by company ambassadors to ensure only authentic products are put on shelves. Moreover, product catalogue and product prices are updated on each stock, so customers always buy fresh products in their original price. This has helped us remain the ideal grocery shopping point for genuine in- ternational products in their true prices. We also order certain international brand products requested by customers.


"The vision was to create the biggest supply line of local & imported products available to the easiest convenience of the customer"

Chaudary Ali Shan

A Brand Built From Trust And Vision

The story begins when MCC’s founder, Mr. Chaudary Mahmood Sangranh migrated to Tehsil Shakar Garh, Sangranh back in 1996. Realizing the imperative of supplying affordable and high quality rice to the consumer, Mr. Ch. Mahmood started the Madina Rice store under 100 sq ft area in G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company Islamabad, which still exists today.

After years of hard work and sheer commitment, Mr. Mahmood Ahmed along with his four brothers Chaudary Ali Shan, Chaudary Hafiz Noor ul Haq enacted the idea of a large scale organized retail hub that offers affordability, variety, and value to the local consumer. Only a few months after its wake, Madina Cash & Carry was materialized in 2010 in G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company.


Best Prices in Town

MCC has always acted in the best interests of our customers. Through our massive operations, robust logistics, and strong purchasing power, we always manage to break the best price for the customer.


A Warehouse Next Door

Being strategically located across the twin cities, MCC uses computerized merchandise management systems for procuring, and storing huge quantities of goods so nothing gets missed from the shopping list.


Enticing Offers on Products

As a progressive retailer brand, MCC gives customers numerous incentives, discounts, and promotional offers on store products every month. This helps engender a strong relation based on credibility, and goodwill.

About Us

A leading Retailer Chian of Groceries and General Merchandise

What started small, with a single rice store and the simple idea of selling more for less, now ranks as one of the biggest network of hypermarkets in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2010, MCC has grown into the largest grocery and general merchandize retailers in the county. MCC continues to be a leader in sus- tainability, corporate philanthropy and em- ployment opportunity. It’s all part of MCC’s un- wavering commitment to create opportunities and bring value to customers and communities in Pakistan.

As a specialized retail chain, MCC aims to grow through innovation and cuttingedge technology. From our product inventory data- base, to the shelf assortment in our stores, we want you to have a seamless shopping experience that saves your valuable time and money.

MCC houses thousands of top class products across a multitude of categories. These include general groceries, fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy, frozen & bakery products, fish & meat, confectionery detergents & cleaning supplies, health & beauty products, media & electronica, household goods and apparel all under one roof, and at transparent.

Promotion Positivity

MCC believes working women are one of the most important counterparts of a successful and flourishing community.

Specialized Benefits

We offer special privileges for women workers based on their specific needs in our work environment.

Skills Development

To establish a strong foothold, MCC provides training, market access, and growth opportunities to female workers.

Societal Awareness

In our pledge to increase participation of women in job industry, MCC is also running several awareness drives locally.

Breaking Stereotypes

MCC stands as one of the few retail establishments to break stereotypes on occupational
segregation in Pakistan.

Offering Leadership

MCC believes working women are one of the most important counterparts of a successful and flourishing community.

"The initiative will not only help in increasing awareness about working women, but also serve a key role in driving down poverty in our society. Women are already working in thousands of retail supply chains around the world. Therefore, it is imperative that women have a strong representation in Pakistan as well"

Chaudary Ali Shan

Demonstrating unwavering fidelity to our enduring commitment of fostering opportunity and making a positive societal impact, Madina Cash & Carry (MCC) has intensified its initiatives to champion women’s causes. Through the establishment of exclusive vacancies dedicated to female workers, our paramount objective is to spearhead economic empowerment among women, enhance overall social well-being, and extend a profound level of moral support. By taking this proactive step, MCC seeks to create an environment that not only supports women in their professional pursuits but also contributes to the broader enhancement of their economic independence and social welfare. This concerted effort aligns with our vision to be a transformative force, fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusivity within the community we serve. MCC remains steadfast in its commitment to being a catalyst for positive change, exemplifying a dedication that extends beyond commerce to nurturing societal well-being and prosperity.


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